Experience shows that difficulties in business organisations arise as a result of a failure of systems. This is often because the need for appropriate agreements and contracts has been overlooked. Businesses run into difficulties not because they plan to fail, but because they fail to plan.

Our services are designed to minimise the risk of litigation. The cost of establishing, and of continuing to review, agreements and procedures is a fraction of the cost of litigating specific issues arising because of oversight.

We will consider the needs of your business from a variety of different viewpoints:

  • Does it have the versatility to move swiftly to exploit new opportunities?
  • Do its contracts and agreements adequately reflect the current law?
  • Does it comply with the requirements of data protection and regulation?
  • Does the way in which the business is transacted carry risk?
  • Is the business aware of the type of insurances available to mitigate risk?
  • Is it safe in the market place, and compliant with the law?
  • Does it take fully informed risks?

In short, we seek to protect clients against often unforeseen, but foreseeable, adverse events.


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